Kisi Calendar - Unlock Timer How to set it up - If you have not done so, create a door to for place and associate it to the controller. Follow this link to create a door. - Once your door is created, go to the dashboard on your place’s page and click on your location. - Click Settings > Doors - Click the lock you wish to set a timer up on.  - Scroll to the bottom of the page to the scheduling section.  - The Scheduled Unlocks tab is the default tab. Click the button that says, “ADD SCHEDULED UNLOCK” - This will open a new window where you can select either a single event or recurring event. Select your desired event in the dropdown box. 1. For Single Events, you can select the unlock event to occur all day and for a specific date window. 2. For Recurring Events, you can select the unlock event for a specific day within a time period as well as have the door unlocked all day.   There is a slider next to your unlock timer. If you wish to activate the timer, slide the slider to the right. To disable it, slide it to the left. The clock icon will go from blue to green, confirming that it’s disabled. If you wish to delete the unlock timer, there is a trash can icon to the right of the slider.