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What's new in December 2023

· 3 min read

Explore the latest Kisi features and stay up-to-date with the most recent updates in the Kisi docs.

New features

Unlock doors directly from Apple CarPlay

How convenient would it be to unlock the garage door straight from your car? With Kisi's new integration with Apple CarPlay you can do just that.

  • Effortlessly unlock doors straight from your car display, enhancing safety on the fly.
  • Once logged into Kisi on mobile, the Kisi icon automatically appears in CarPlay.
  • Easily access a list of doors and tap to unlock, all without the need for remote controls or reaching for the iPhone.

Easily follow every action in your organization with improved Event History

To help Kisi admins quickly and clearly understand what’s going on in their Kisi environment, we enhanced the Event History view. The updated view categorizes events into Access events (e.g., a door unlock) and Audit events (e.g., a door creation). Admins can now:

  • Group related access events to see them in sequences
  • Seamlessly switch place to view events for another site
  • Effortlessly filter events and share filtered views with team members using the URL

Docs changelog



  • Added docs for the new Slack marketplace integration
  • Updated docs for Event history to reflect the newest changes (Access and Audit events)
  • Added a section to explain Kisi event retention and limitations
  • Intrusion Detection (Kisi-native and third-party): Added a table with possible scenarios based on alarm mode
  • Fixed role permissions for the Observer role
  • Camera integration guides: added a Prerequisites section, including that a camera must be set up in the location before starting the integration process
  • Updated Send access links to explain that Geofence and Kisi Reader restrictions don't limit access links, meaning, users with an access link can remotely unlock doors