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What's new in February 2024

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Explore the latest Kisi features and stay up-to-date with the most recent updates in the Kisi docs.

New featuresโ€‹

Auto-refresh for your Kisi events historyโ€‹

We made some big improvements to the Event history screen to make things easier for you and save you time.

  • Auto-refresh option. When enabled, the event list will automatically refresh every 10 seconds, allowing you to view the latest events without manual intervention. This guarantees you never miss a beat and stay up-to-date with the latest access control events at your facility.
  • All events tab: In addition to the Access and Audit events tabs, you can now access the All events tab, which displays both access and audit events.

Read the docs and start using them right away!

Integrate Kisi with Duo in less than 2 minutes ๐Ÿ”’โ€‹

Now, you can seamlessly connect Kisi with Duo by Cisco to enable Duoโ€™s multi-factor authentication solutions for your usersโ€™ Kisi logins. Duo verifies user identities and establishes device trust before granting access, ensuring that only authorized users with trusted devices can log in to Kisi.

Using third-party NFC cards with Kisi just got easierโ€‹

If your organization is transitioning from a legacy system to Kisi, you may want to continue using your third-party NFC cards. You can do this by simply entering the card's UID number through the web dashboard. This enhancement further streamlines the migration process from legacy systems to full Kisi access for our customers.

From insight to action: How our Data team has operationalized business intelligenceโ€‹

Occasionally, we will share behind-the-scenes blogs so you can explore how cutting-edge software and hardware are made. In this first blog, delve into how we've brought a DevOps approach to business intelligence, transforming our data warehouse into a streamlined, manageable structure.

Customer spotlight: Peachtree Corners, Georgiaโ€‹

Read how the city of Peachtree Corners is leveraging Kisiโ€™s mobile and cloud-based access control to push their smart city agenda closer to reality.

Docs changelogโ€‹



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