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What's new in June 2024

· 3 min read

Explore the latest Kisi features and stay up-to-date with the most recent updates in the Kisi docs.

New features

Never miss offline devices again with Outage Alerts

Until now, admins have found it challenging to pinpoint offline Kisi hardware, leading to unnecessary downtime for end users. To address this, we've introduced Outage Alerts. With these, admins can get notified when Kisi devices go offline, enhancing transparency and enabling quicker responses to improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime.

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Interactive Places Map for easier navigation

As an admin, you can now get a complete overview of all your Kisi places within your organization with our interactive Places Map. Jump to a specific place's dashboard by simply clicking on its location on the map.

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Kisi Terminal Pro: Now available for elevator access

Last month, we introduced the Kisi Terminal Pro, our latest hardware innovation that lets visitors access spaces by simply scanning a QR code. Now, we’re excited to announce that it supports elevators, too! Visitors can conveniently access specific floors in your building by scanning their QR code with the Kisi Terminal Pro.

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Customize user lists easily with Pagination Controls

With our Pagination Control feature you can now customize how many users are displayed per page—choose between 10, 20, or 50 users. Stay tuned as we plan to extend this functionality to other lists within the Kisi Web Dashboard soon.

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Kisi & Spot AI integration: Enhance security insights with AI video footage

We’re excited to share our newest integration with Spot AI. The integration connects Kisi event data with Spot AI’s video footage whenever a Kisi-controlled door is unlocked. This enables customers to monitor access control in real-time. As an admin, you can:

Integrate with your existing camera or cameras of your choice See video footage from an access event in the Spot AI application Quickly investigate and resolve incidents

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Slack integration: Direct Alert Policy notifications to specific channels

The Kisi & Slack integration allows admins to receive real-time event updates and alert notifications directly in their Slack channels. Our latest update lets you match Alert Policies to specific Slack channels, ensuring the right team members stay fully informed and responsive.

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