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Integrate Kisi with Eagle Eye Networks

By integrating Kisi with Eagle Eye Networks' security cameras, you can map your facility doors to cameras and retrieve footage as Kisi events (e.g., an unlock) occur.


This is a Kisi-built integration, maintained and supported by Kisi.


  • an Eagle Eye Networks account
  • Kisi administrator access rights
  • a Kisi organization API key
  • at least one camera set up in the location

For a comprehensive list of all camera types supported by Eagle Eye Networks, refer to this catalog on the Eagle Eye Networks website.

Generate a Kisi API key

You need to have organization administrator or organization owner rights to create an API key. We recommend creating API keys from the organization owner's account, to avoid the API key becoming invalid when an organization admin loses their admin rights.

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. On the top right corner, click on your name and click on My Account
  3. Next, select the API tab and click on Add API key
  4. Enter your name, your Kisi password, and your verification code and click Add
  5. Copy the API key shown on the screen and click Close

Set up the integration

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Click on Integrations > Add Integration
  4. Enter a name for your application and select Eagle Eye from the dropdown
  5. Click on Add
  6. When prompted, finish the Eagle Eye OAuth flow
  7. Once done, you'll be redirected to the Eagle Eye marketplace integration so you can configure it
  8. Select Add API key and enter the previously obtained key
  9. Save the changes
  10. Choose Add configuration
  11. From the Search cameras dropdown, pick the camera that you want to assign to a door
  12. In the Select place dropdown, choose the place where your door is located
  13. From the Search locks dropdown, select the door you wish to associate with the camera
  14. Save the settings

In Kisi, you can only connect at most one door to a camera, but doors might have multiple cameras associated.

Supported events for camera snapshots

Once the integration is set up, camera footage will appear in the Event History, marked with a camera icon. Snapshots will be created on the following Kisi events:

  • Door unlocked (lock.unlock)
  • Door unlock failed (lock.unlock)
  • Door opened (lock.opened)
  • Door held open (lock.held_open)
  • Door forced open (lock.forced_open)

The default recording setting in Eagle Eye ('Record When') is event-based, triggered by the motion sensor. For proper integration, position the camera to monitor the door and adjust motion settings accordingly. Alternatively, setting recording to 'always' may require more cloud storage and strain the bridge, potentially filling the hard drive faster.

Deassign cameras

  1. Sign in to Kisi
  2. Navigate to the place where you have your camera assigned
  3. On the dashboard, click on Hardware
  4. Select the Cameras tab
  5. Click on the camera that you wish to deassign
  6. Click on Delete camera in the top right corner
  7. If you are planning to reassign this camera, click on Copy token to save the device token
  8. Click Delete

After deletion, you will receive an email notification confirming that the corresponding camera has been deassigned.