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Credential compatibility guide

Explore our detailed credential guide below, showcasing the compatibility of Kisi supported credentials with a variety of hardware and lock types.

Supported by Kisi ControllersSupported by Kisi readersCompatible with third-party readersCan be bulk-imported into KisiAllegion NDE/LE wireless locks8

Physical credentials

Kisi credentials

Kisi NFC cards, fobs, tags1

Coming soon

Third-party NFC credentials

Multiple formats (13.56 Mhz)2


Third-party RFID credentials

C15001 KeyScan (36-bit card) (125 kHz)

EM410x/TK410x (for 26-bit readers) (125 kHz)


EM410x/TK410x (for 32/34-bit readers) (125 kHz)


HID H10301 (26-bit card) (125 kHz)

HID H10302 (37-bit card) (125 kHz)

HID H10304 (37-bit card) (125 kHz)

HID D10202 (33-bit card) (125 kHz)


HID C1k35s (35-bit card) (125 kHz)


Mobile credentials

Tap to Unlock

Tap in app


Digital credentials

Access links

QR codes


Apple Passes

Apple Passes


  • [1]: Kisi supports end-to-end encryption using MIFARE DESFire EV1 & EV3 cards, fobs, tags.
  • [2]: Can be assigned to Kisi via the unique ID card (UID), also known as the card serial number (CSN), read more about it here.
  • [3]: Supported by the Kisi Reader Pro 2.1 and later models only
  • [4]: Can be assigned to Kisi via the unique card ID (UID)
  • [5]: Supported by the Kisi Terminal Pro only
  • [6]: You may be required to re-enrol your credentials via your third-party reader
  • [7]: Using the Kisi API endpoint
  • [8]: Please see the relevant Allegion/Schlage documentation for more detailed compatibility information: