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Use Kisi on Apple Watch

As a Kisi user on iOS, you can unlock doors with your Apple Watch without actively using your mobile.


Supported unlock methods

  • Tap in-app allows you to unlock doors from within the Kisi app installed on the Android watch

Enable location services

Make sure you enable location services on your mobile if a reader or geofence restriction needs to be satisfied.

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Go to Privacy
  3. Select Location Services. Verify that the location services switch is on.
  4. Select the Kisi app
  5. Set Location permission to Always

For more information, read about Apple location services.

Kisi complication

Designed to streamline your user experience, the Kisi shortcut on WatchOS offers a convenient way to access Kisi's key functionalities with just a few taps. Before using it, make sure your device is running watchOS 9.4 or above.

To learn how to add the complication to your Apple Watch, please refer to the detailed instructions provided on the Apple Support page.

Unlock doors with your Apple Watch

Currently, you can only unlock doors with an Apple Watch by tapping in-app.

  1. Install the latest Kisi iOS app on your iPhone
  2. Download the same app directly to your watch. Alternatively, you can install Kisi in the Watch app of your phone.
  3. Open Kisi on your iPhone. This will automatically sign you into the watch app. If not, try to sign out and in again to trigger the iCloud sync.
  4. On your watch screen, find a list of your Kisi places. The nearest place is pre-selected.
  5. Tap on a place to see the available doors. Favorites will be marked and shown on the top of the screen.
  6. Tap a door to unlock

Common questions


How do I know my Apple Watch is compatible? The Kisi watch app is compatible with watches using WatchOS 8 or above.


Can I tap to unlock via the Apple Watch? Currently, Tap to Unlock is not possible from the Apple Watch.

Do I need to have my phone on me in order to unlock doors from the watch app?

For any locations using Reader restriction, you are still required to unlock with your phone. If the Place does not enforce this restriction on its doors, the watch app can unlock them without the phone being present.

When trying to open the watch app, I get this message: Not signed in. Could not find a login.

Make sure you are signed in on your iPhone and have enabled the iCloud keychain in the iOS Settings app. When it finishes synchronizing, the watch app should open successfully. If you are still running into any trouble, please sign out and sign in again on the Kisi iOS app in order to trigger the iCloud sync.


Why is the app crashing? In the unlikely event that the Kisi app crashes repeatedly, please uninstall the iOS app and install it again.