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What's new in January 2024

· 2 min read

Explore the latest Kisi features and stay up-to-date with the most recent updates in the Kisi docs.

New features

Push Kisi alerts and events into your Slack channels

Connect Kisi and Slack in less than 2 minutes to automatically receive Kisi events and alert policy notifications directly in your Slack channels.

  • Collaborate on all crucial access control events without leaving the Slack app
  • Keep all stakeholders in the loop by adding team members to the Slack channel, even if they don’t have Kisi admin access
  • Set it up in less than 2 minutes

Easily delay or end an active Unlock schedule based on staff presence

With First to Arrive schedules, you ensure that Unlock schedules activate only when at least one authorized user is physically present. Use them to:

  • Postpone a planned Unlock schedule until the first authorized unlock at the Kisi reader
  • Terminate an active Unlock schedule earlier as the last person departs the facility.

Configure your First to arrive schedule now!

Docs changelog


Added videos to the following articles:


  • New integration guide: Slack
  • New integration guide: YOGO

API docs